Welcome To Civic Helicopters

Helicopter flight training is what we do best at Civic Helicopters!

We have been flying in Southern California since 1986, and were established as Civic Helicopters, Inc in 1988. It has been our mission to provide exceptional helicopter pilot training and certification programs, we aim to ensure your success.

Here at our helicopter training school, we strive to make sure you possess the knowledge and skills to safely operate helicopters in challenging environments.  We want to equip you to continually learn and develop as a pilot, whether you are a professional pilot or learning to fly ‘just for fun.’

Over the three decades, we have trained pilots from over 35 countries, from various agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels, both domestic and foreign, all of whom have chosen us for the distinct training experience we offer.

We provide an excellent training environment and premium facility for our pilot candidates that enhance their learning experience, based on a deep understanding of the expectations of professional helicopter pilots and private helicopter owners.

Founded by a United States Veteran, we are proud to serve those who have served our country by accepting the GI Bill / VA education benefit programs.

We believe that only the best pilot training will help to ensure success in flight safety for the helicopter industry as a whole.  For us, success is creating the vital link and helping a student pilot forge the path to ‘professional pilot’ with a fulfilling position in the helicopter industry.

Welcome to Civic Helicopters!