Our Fleet

You will find that our aircraft are exceptionally well-maintained, due to the fact that we own every aircraft in our facility. This means that we take pride in keeping our aircraft in peak condition with minimal delays due to lack of access to maintenance, all of our aircraft are consistently cared for by licensed mechanics.



Our Fleet

  • 5 Robinson R22 Beta II
  • 3 Robinson R44 Raven II (1 IFR, 2 VFR)
  • 2 Hughes 300C (1 IFR, 1 VFR)
  • 1 Bell 206BIII Jet Ranger
  • 1 FLYIT Helicopter Simulator — FAA Approved
  • 1 Bell 505 – Coming Fall 2018


Our most common training helicopter is the Robinson R22 Betta II.  It is the most inexpensive and economical training helicopter currently in production.  The Robinson aircraft are known for being reliable and easy to maintain and they are the most popular personal transportation aircraft.


These versatile helicopters serve as both a training aircraft and entry level commercial helicopter.  Flight control design similar to that of other popular commercial helicopters.  The 300C’s are more spacious and in flight, have a larger load capacity.


This is Robinson’s second most popular helicopter, it provides a more spacious option than it’s counterpart the R22.  All of our VFR R44 II’s are designed for comfort in flight and are air conditioned with leather seats.  This is a popular option for our taller and larger pilots who are over the seat weight for the R22 or want more comfort than the 300C can offer.  Most of our IFR training is done in this aircraft.


The Bell 206BIII
We provide training in the Bell Jet Ranger 206BIII, the most common light turbine being used. It has been in common use by law enforcement, Part 135 (Air Taxi) Operators, and Tour Operators. It is also very popular for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) work and light industrial work. We have been all around the states in these helicopters and have experience in them across a wide range of environments.


The Bell 505
Coming Soon …


We rarely experience poor weather, but in such an event, students can continue to train in our FAA approved, high-fidelity simulator.