Aerial Photography

Get the Shot
A unique opportunity to get the perfect shot

Civic offers flight services for aerial photography and filmography in a variety of aircraft to suit your needs.  Our experienced staff are a perfect match for professional photographers to meet your project needs within budget.   We offer scheduling flexibility with regards to weather and light conditions.

We try to remain available to schedule with a short notice; however, it is best to schedule ahead of time.


Deciding what helicopter is best for the job?

  • The Robinson R22 is the most economical helicopter for basic aerial photography. It is fast, getting you to and from your site without wasting much flight time, and it is the least expensive helicopter for the job. (Photographer and equipment combined weight limit cannot exceed 240 lbs)
  • The Robinson R44 is a larger and more spacious option than the R22, allowing the photographer to have more equipment without compromising flight performance. When we are right up against the weight limit, some maneuverability is compromised. It is the next most economical choice when the photographer and equipment combined weight exceeds 240 lbs.
  • The Bell Jet Ranger is one of the most common Electronic News Gathering helicopters on the market. It offers a very smooth ride and is more spacious and comfortable than other models. In could easily hold one still photographer and one cameraman, capturing shots on a variety of media in one flight.

We highly recommend speaking with our flight coordinators about what option would be best to get the job done.